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Developing your approach

I recently completed a 1000 piece puzzle. Initially, it was a great way to destress and at the same time exercise my mind. Eventually it became inspiration for this post. The painstaking approach I took to creating a different strategy each day to complete this puzzle.

Starting with the outside edges, that’s usually the easiest way to get a few pieces out of the way, but also establish your border. Then putting matching colors into individual buckets, in an effort to piece together some of the imagery. This puzzle was a bit more difficult, because multiple characters were duplicated. Each day that passed, it reminded me of the process for developing an effective digital marketing strategy. Mind you I did not say “winning digital strategy”, but more on that in a future post.

You have a goal to reach, whether that is increased revenue, audience expansion, consumer conversion, etc. Understanding your targets, defining your goals, setting objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure you are on track with those goals well help you piece together the puzzle.

challenges and conflicts

A puzzle, for example, the goal is to finish, but one of the objectives I have is to finish the next puzzle faster. The faster I finish the puzzle, the more quickly I can get to the next one and improve my time spent on a hobby. The KPI is measured by the time I spend on each one and improving that by spending 3 days on a puzzle, instead of a week. So I have to take a look at all of the challenges that conflict with completing puzzles faster:
  • I have a child.
  • Being single parent.
  • Time spent with my job.
  • I have a new business.
  • Other business endeavors.
  • I have to sleep.
  • There are only 24 hours in a day.
Yep, I have a lot going on, but that’s the same with any business. There are lot’s of factors that keep businesses from developing an effective digital marketing strategy. I could spend a ton time thinking about all of the life priorities that keep me from finishing the puzzle, or I could just choose an easier puzzle. Practice on a 500-750 piece to enhance my process for finishing. Include my child in the formation of the puzzle to give us quality time and build his ability to pitch in when I’m limited on time. Create a business building exercise so that I can include other minds in the process. Now I have turned some those challenges into benefits to my objective.

Sometimes strategy development starts with simplification. One goal at a time, one KPI to assess. Balanced digital marketing connects all of the dots without overthinking the process. If you grow your audience, you have a higher possibility of converting consumers and thus increasing revenue. It’s just fitting the puzzle pieces together so that you can see the vision more clearly.

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