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Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.

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Over the last 2 years I’ve been in a bit of a dark place while struggling with a crossroads. I had started Happy Balance, I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish and hopes for how to get there. The reality was that, none of it came to fruition. Not one step in the direction that I was hoping for and I got distracted. Distracted with a job that wasn’t what I signed up for, distracted with life choices that didn’t go as planned. That distraction led to a lack of motivation, which then led to depression.

I was lost, sad, frustrated, annoyed and felt like a failure. I had done what I knew I shouldn’t do…”focus on the potential for failure…”. It filled my soul and so I went in a direction that I didn’t want to go in, hoping for a security that would “allow” me to stay on track. But, is this security just a fantasy?

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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No it wasn’t the security, it was my lack of courage.

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I had failed to take my own advice and failed to recognize that my lack of courage stemmed from my lack of confidence. I was off course and unsure of how to get back. I moved back to LA in an effort to physically be close to the resources I thought I needed to stick with my plan.

But, my biggest failure was my inability to pivot. I didn’t adjust to my life as a single mother with a kid in elementary school (major difference from when he was in pre-school), in Los Angeles, with no family, very little support and most close friends moved away. Financially I had to focus on the changes with my rental home in Nashville. All of these life changes, adjustments took me away from me getting my business off the ground and moving it forward. Could you say that these were excuses? Maybe. But in the hierarchy of my life, I had to make choices. First is my son, job, bills, home, then if there was anything left…me.

I’m hard on myself, harder than I probably should be. I had let my failure shake my confidence and that trickled down to my courage and so I stopped working on Happy Balance to get myself together.

Imagine a small business, same challenges, same concerns. They have to prioritize and something falls by the waist side when that happens. That thing is usually marketing. Time + Revenue = Resources. I didn’t have the time, I certainly didn’t have the revenue equating to minimal to no resources. No time to think about how to pivot and adjust.

The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it, whether you choose to persevere.

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So instead I’m persevering. I’m not letting my failure affect how I approach the next phase of my business. I have a few goals to achieve and I’m realistic about the time needed to move things forward. I’m taking baby steps and I’m ok with that. As long as those baby steps move forward in a direction that creates growth. I’m not sure where this road will take me, but I’m getting back on track and excited to see where I take it from here.

The Goals and Objectives Journey

I recently had a discussion with my 5-year old about goals and objectives for basketball.

Kylan: “Mommy, I want to be able to shoot a goal by the end of the season.”

Me: “Well that’s a good goal Kylan, let’s create some objectives to complete your goal.”

Kylan: “What do you mean, I’m going to shoot the ball and it will go in the hoop.”

Me: “Well Kylan, there are things you have to do to build up to the ball going in the hoop. You will have to practice everyday, work on your technique and build your strength. We will probably need to do that several times a week so you can eventually get the ball to the hoop.”

Kylan: “But, why can’t I just shoot the ball? Won’t it go in if I shoot it enough.”

Me: “Eventually, but you want to get it in by the end of the season. It’s important to train and work on everything you need to so we can ensure that you reach your goal in the time you have set. This is called an objective and there are steps that you need to take to get there.”

Kylan: “Well that seems hard.”

Me: “It is son, that’s why it’s called a goal, not just do whatever until you see if it works or not.”

As his little 5-year old eyes looked at me in complete disgust at the realization that he would have to put in quite a bit effort. It put some things into perspective about a percentage of businesses. Some executives have that same mix of disgust and disappointment at the realization that there has to be a plan of action and resources applied to meet goals. There is a necessity for objectives to be put into place in order to advance the marketing goals they have set for the month, quarter or year. Yep, we are going to have set aside time and budget then prove the energy, effort and dollars being spent have real return.

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Developing your approach

I recently completed a 1000 piece puzzle. Initially, it was a great way to destress and at the same time exercise my mind. Eventually it became inspiration for this post. The painstaking approach I took to creating a different strategy each day to complete this puzzle.

Starting with the outside edges, that’s usually the easiest way to get a few pieces out of the way, but also establish your border. Then putting matching colors into individual buckets, in an effort to piece together some of the imagery. This puzzle was a bit more difficult, because multiple characters were duplicated. Each day that passed, it reminded me of the process for developing an effective digital marketing strategy. Mind you I did not say “winning digital strategy”, but more on that in a future post.

You have a goal to reach, whether that is increased revenue, audience expansion, consumer conversion, etc. Understanding your targets, defining your goals, setting objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure you are on track with those goals well help you piece together the puzzle.

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What is Digital Marketing? Trusty Wikipedia identifies Digital Marketing as:

“An umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.”

But, if you were to really ask yourself what this term means to you, what would you say? What does it include? How do you determine what fits under the umbrella? I’ve been in some aspect of different digital marketing roles over the last 15 years, here is a list of what I have collected so far.

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